Cultural 2022 Invite

Cultural 2022 Invite | Rajdhani Marathi Mandal Canberra

Rajdhani Marathi Mandal Canberra Cultural Program 2022

नमस्कार मंडळी,



थोडंसं  आपल्या वार्षिक सांस्कृतिक महोत्सोवाबद्दल व त्या निमित्ताने भराव्या लागणाऱ्या शुल्काबद्दल थोडीशी माहिती देत आहोत.


 As most of you know, we have our annual cultural program on Saturday, 28th May 2022. The most awaited cultural event is almost here, many of us are practising hard for performances, and we cannot wait for those, can we?


 आहो  धमाल आणि मस्ती करायला ह्याच्या सारखा दुसरा कार्यक्रम नाही. आपल्या मुलांची आणि मित्रमंडळींची कला स्टेज वर पाहण्यात एक वेगळीच मजा असते. खरंतर आपण खूप जण ह्या कार्यक्रमासाठी भरपूर वेळ देत असतो आणि मेहनत घेत असतो.


This year we have received a total of 21 performances.


Now the time has come to RSVP, book your place, and avoid disappointment. Considering Covid restrictions, we have limited seats, so please do not delay, and book your tickets immediately.


We offer an “early bird” offer if you book your place on or before 15-May-2022.

Please note the RSVP link and early bird offer will close on 15th -May-2022.


Please provide your RSVP using the link below.


Cultural 2022 RSVP – Google Forms

The bookings will be available on a First come, first basis. We encourage all members and non-members to take the benefit from the early bird offer.


चला तर, वेळेत बुकिंग करून ह्या घसघशीत ऑफर चा फायदा घेउयात.


Please note – 

The committee can accept requests after 16-May-2022, subject to the availability of seats. 

Please contact to book your place and RSVP. We will maintain a waitlist and offer a spot on first come first basis.


Payment Details:  कुठल्याही परिस्थिस्तीत पैसे भरायला विसरू नका !

Bank Name: St.George Bank

BSB: 112908

Account Number: 464141709

Account Name: Rajdhani Marathi Mandal Canberra Inc

Reference- ‘Surname’ followed by ‘Cul’ and number of people attending (e.g., ThakreCul2A2C) – <Thakre> family attending with 2 Adults and 2 Children.

(Your payment will be considered as your final RSVP)



Venue details

Venue: Gungahlin College Performing Arts Theatre, (23 Gozzard St, Gungahlin ACT 2912)


Date: 28th May 2022

Time: TBC with Event Schedule

(For parking, please use the Gungahlin Leisure Centre car park or street parking in front of the Gungahlin Library)


We will share more information about the event shortly.


कार्यक्रमाची रूपरेषा व काही अधिक सूचना लवकरच कळवण्यात येतील.


मंडळी.. आपले सर्व कलाकार खूप मेहनत घेत आहेत. भरपूर उपस्थिती ठेवून ह्या सगळ्या मेहनतीचा खऱ्या अर्थाने सन्मान करूयात.




This event is partly sponsored by Sunny Homes, New Door Properties, Desi Bazzar, Solar4Life and Jewel of India.