Invitation to the RMMC Ganesh Chaturthi Event

Invitation to the RMMC Ganesh Chaturthi Event | Rajdhani Marathi Mandal Canberra

!! मोरया बाप्पा मोरया!!


कोविड-19 डेल्टाची कॅनबेरा मध्ये झाली एंट्री


आणि आरएमएमसी कमिटीची झाली पंचाइत भारी


यंदाचा गणपति कसा करावा, याची मग चर्चा झाली


मग आला खुद्ध बाप्पा त्यांच्या स्वप्नात


म्हणाला, शुर वीरानों घाबरू नका, चालू असू देत कार्य तुमचे


बाप्पा ने दिली आइडिया सर्वांना, ऑनलाइन गणपति हाच एकमेव मार्ग


म्हणाला, कोविड सेफ्टी चे पालन करा, आणि बघा बनेल आपला कॅनबेरा पुनः एकदा स्वर्ग

Dear RMMC Family,


Considering the ACT government’s current Covid-19 safety advice, our popular Ganapati event will be facilitated through an online medium (either via Zoom or Teams meeting).


Please note, there is no requirement of RSVP, however your online engagement and participation would be greatly appreciated. Due to the online event, everyone will miss out on Bappa’s prasad this year, however the Committee is pleased to confirm that a belated “surprise item” will be provided to all member families during our next event. So, watch this space!


On 18th Sep, Saturday during the online event, we encourage everyone to come and showcase their Ganapati Bappa & Decoration (आरास) from their respective homes (if they do a Ganapati Sthapana) in Canberra. Please register your interest should you wish to showcase your “घरचा “Ganapati Bappa using the Google form here.


  • For 1.5 or 5-days Ganapati Sthapana – Members can send an up to 1-minute Ganapati Darshan pre-recorded video to us, and we will compile all the entries to showcase them in our Ganapati online event. This is a great opportunity for rest of the members to get Ganapati Darshan in Canberra. (please use above link for registration)
  • For 10 days and Plus Ganapati Sthapana – Members can share online Ganapati Darshan on the day of event (LIVE) from their house in our online event, (please use above link for registration)

As confirmed in our earlier communication, all kids and adults are welcome to participate in the Online Kala Darshan activity to share and showcase artwork. Create a Ganapati themed artwork using anything that you like, or home-based ingredients such as grains, vegetable, or recycled items to create your artwork. Remember there will be exciting prizes for all participants. So, don’t hold back your creativity, please participate!


Below is the outline for our Online Event


“Bappa Morya” Online Event
18 September 2021, Saturday
11am sharp start
(Online Meeting event link will be provided closer to the event date)
Time Event item Presented by
11.00am Join online event – Meet & Greet Community Members
11.10am Welcome & Open the event – Our Secret Guest’s Speech Secret Guest
11.15am Committee Member’s Ganapati Bappa Darshan– Ganapati Aarti

LIVE event from Atul Kumbhar and Rashmi Kausale’s home
Committee Members
11.45am Ganesh Vandana Dance – Online event Riya Shelar and Sara Patil
11:50pm Canberra Ganesh Darshan (1.5/5/10 days pre-recorded or LIVE) Community Members
12.20pm Online Kala Darshan Community Members
12.50pm Break out rooms
Share your talent (present any Ganapati Goshta, songs or any other cultural activity with your breakout room participants)
Community Members
1.00pm Online Gappa Tappa (if everyone still wants to hang around) Community members
1.30pm Program concludes

Also, a friendly reminder to those who are yet to take RMMC membership. Please note, if you pay before 30th September, you get a discount. Here are the bank details for your kind information. For more details please visit:


Thank you and Regards,