We now have achieved our pledge of  $10,000/-  to SHD

We thank all our members and well wishers for their generosity and support, without which such a feat would not have been possible.

The funds will be handed over to HTCC on 25th October 2020 on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra

Hereafter we humbly request you to please donate directly to the Florey temple.

HTCC – Shanti Niketan donation

Target 10,000 $

Target Date – Dussehra i.e. 25th October 2020

Contributions received


Number of donations

Last Update – 24/10/2020

As announced during our Ganeshotstav event held on 30th August, the Hindu temple and Cultural Centre of ACT Inc (HTCC) in Florey is currently constructing Shanti Niketan which is estimated to be completed by last quarter of calendar year 2020. 

Shanti Niketan includes a cultural hall with all modern facilities, stage, change rooms for male and female artists, quality PA system, library, office and a renovated Kitchen. This building will be of immense use for the entire community specifically Hindu community in and around Canberra. The intention is to use this building for language, scripture, classical dance and yoga class as well as cultural programs. The Shanti Niketan will serve the community for many decades providing an excellent state of the art facility.

HTCC would like to extend the invitation and have requested our association – RMMC; to support this project actively by contributing a sum of $10,000 towards this cause. 

HTCC is pleased to offer the following benefits to us if we choose to support by our contribution:

  1. The name of our association will be displayed along with the names of the trustees.
  2. The Association can nominate an ex-officio trustee.
  3. Our association will be entitled to use Shanti Niketan office for committee meetings.
  4. A small filing cabinet will be provided by HTCC to store our records at our risk.
  5. We will be entitled to a discount of 25% of the regular hall booking charge for any event that our association may like to hold. 
  6. Have our own Pujari for our events as per Maharashtrian customs.
  7. HTCC can also provide individual receipts for each donor, if requested.
    • Please Note- Donations are not tax deductible

Let us all demonstrate our unity and pledge our support towards this cause. Our community will benefit from the concessions offered for decades to come. Given that we had 108 members from last year and the number remains more or less the same this year, if each family contributes $100/- we will easily be able to collect the requested sum, just as an example. However, feel free to donate generously to your comfortable capacity. 
The committee proposes to donate the funds on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra i.e. 25th October 2020.

If you wish to obtain a receipt for your individual donation, please let us know and we will organise it through HTCC.